Tutoring Information

Maths & English Tutoring at Kip McGrath

If your child is of primary or secondary school age, and you think they could use some additional tuition for remedial or extension purposes. Kip McGrath Spain can help. We offer tutoring programs suitable for all school ages and levels in a range of subjects, including maths, English, spelling and comprehension. We also assist students in preparation for senior exams and offer a Get Ready for School programs for children preparing to start school.

Kip McGrath is a globally recognised tutoring company who prides itself on helping students achieve better school results. You can arrange a free Kip McGrath tutoring assessment for your primary or secondary SCHOOL aged child online or by calling your local centre. There is a centre locator available on this website to help you find the closest Kip McGrath Centre.

The free assessment which Kip McGrath offers is designed to test your child’s maths and English skills so that an appropriate program can be created to suit their level. It will be conducted by your local Centre at a time that suits you.

At Kip McGrath you get:

  • Free initial assessment of your child’s learning abilities.
  • Tailored program to suit your child.
  • Fully supervised, 80 minute sessions.
  • Small group of students (4-6) per tutor.
  • Homework is set and marked.
  • Innovative programs unique to Kip McGrath Education Centres to help make learning fun.

You can find your nearest Kip McGrath Centre in Spain by clicking here.