The Kip Market

About the Business of Kip McGrath Education Centres

Over the years the tutoring industry has grown as the demand for access to supplementary education has increased. Having already established a successful tutoring model, the business model naturally began to evolve around the needs of the customer and the teachers that owned the centres.

As a result, the current business model that franchisees buy, whether a NEW franchise or an ESTABLISHED franchise, is built on an infrastructure that allows the teachers to focus on delivering the highest standard of tutoring, while successfully facilitating excellent customer service and growing the business.

Kip McGrath Head Office provides to the franchisee:

  • Curriculum for Face to Face delivery
  • Online Curriculum for Virtual delivery
  • Lesson Plan tools
  • Training and continuous Professional Development
  • Online Assessment tools
  • Tutor Performance Management Tools
  • Online Homework Applications
  • Centre Management tools
  • Parent and Student Management tools

Support is also offered through:

  • A Franchise Administration Manager to train and support you on a daily basis in the day to day administration and management of your business
  • A Franchisee Manager to support you on a daily basis in the planning and implementation of your business plan, traditional and online marketing plan, technology, financial literacy and continuous training
  • Access to a network of 500 established and experienced franchisees and a peer support programme that enables collaboration and ongoing support

Tutoring and the 21st Century Learner

Kip McGrath Education Centres are owned by passionate teachers who, with the help of an Administration and Business Development team at Head Office, become successful small business owners. While this is a satisfying proposition in itself, the future of Kip McGrath is even more exciting.

In the past 12 months, the Kip McGrath Online Development Team has been building a platform that encompasses operating tools for the management of a Kip McGrath Education Centre from student acquisition through to student retention, management and graduation.

Ongoing training of franchisees, a collaborative culture and a network that embraces technology has produced a network of centres that are not only successful but are leading the way in the delivery of a blended learning experience.

The 21st century customer expects technology to be integrated into both the delivery of a product and service and also the learning experience. Blending the success of face to face tutoring with an online programme has meant that in the competitive market of tutoring worldwide, Kip McGrath remains a leading brand.

Access, innovation and collaboration are key elements to the success of Kip McGrath. As a network we consider ourselves both a 21st Century Learner and a 21st Century Teacher. As we continue to grow as a network, Kip McGrath will continue to improve and make innovations to the curriculum, business practices and technology offered to franchisees.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Kip McGrath Education Centre Owner, please Contact Us to complete an enquiry form or access contact details for our Area Developers.