Essay Writing Programme

Face to Face Tutoring


Many students need help writing essays.

Essay writing is an essential skill for senior secondary and tertiary students.
Kip McGrath’s popular Essay Writing course covers all the essential essay writing skills from analysing the question to editing the final draft.

Our in depth and comprehensive essay writing course covers common areas of weakness in student essay writing including:

  • Not answering the question – learn how to analyse the question, plan a well structured answer and write a proper opening and concluding paragraph.
  • Poor opening argument and essay structure – learn the features of a good thesis, develop skills in analytical reading, presenting a balanced argument, supporting that argument.
  • Editorial writing – learn how to advocate a specific point of view and write a convincing and clear argument.
  • Exam essay writing – learn how to write a clear, concise and well structured answer within a time limit.
  • Speech writing – learn how to write an essay designed to be spoken, understand the key elements to successful speech writing, learn how to deliver and present a speech.

Taught by qualified English teachers this Essay Writing course will give senior students the skills and confidence they need to approach the rigours of both assignments and exams with confidence.

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