Kip Reading Programme

Face to Face Tutoring


Need help with reading for your kids?

Kids who struggle with reading are disadvantaged at school and in life. Reading difficulties are common in children, but with proper attention these difficulties can usually be identified and corrected.

The qualified tutors at Kip McGrath understand that reading difficulties are sensitive and potentially embarrassing for children and parents. At our centres all students are treated with respect and understanding. A positive learning environment makes achievement natural and fun.

All children are given a FREE assessment and the results explained to parents. If tutoring is required Kip McGrath can help because we provide:

  • An individually tailored reading programme based on your child’s needs
  • Caring and committed tutors
  • Varied learning activities including the use of audio CDs, written exercises, computer based activities and tutor interaction
  • Regular and consistent homework to reinforce learning
  • Regular feedback and progress reports to parents

At Kip McGrath we believe that any child can learn if they are taught properly. Contact your nearest centre now to learn more about reading help for your child.