Kip Maths Tutoring

Face to Face Tutoring


Tutoring in maths for students aged 6 – 16 is one of the foundation programmes in Kip McGrath Education Centres.

Our centres have helped thousands of children who were struggling with maths to acquire the skills they needed to succeed in school and life.

Our accelerated learning programme targets students aged 6 – 16 in all maths grades and streams.

Whether your child needs:

  • Help with maths basics
  • Maths homework help
  • Help with more advanced maths problems
  • Help understanding new concepts introduced in years 8, 9 and 10

The Kip McGrath accelerated Maths Tutoring programme is the answer for your child’s maths difficulties. A thorough understanding of basic maths is required before students can progress, so it is important that the source of any difficulty is identified and addressed early.

A FREE ASSESSMENT is conducted for every student to identify areas of weakness and so an individually tailored study programme can be designed.

Kip McGrath’s fully trained and qualified tutors create a positive learning environment that makes achievement natural.

Course Highlights
  • Combination of face to face teaching and stimulating computer drills
  • Caring and committed tutors
  • Varied activities to hold students’ interest
  • Progress is consolidated with weekly maths homework
  • Parents are provided with regular feedback and updates on progress
  • Educational games help make maths fun

For senior students and students looking for Advanced or Extension Maths tutoring click here to learn more about our Kip Maths Expert programme.